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 About Me

Not that anyone cares

I'm just your average traveling nurse, trying to fill some hole in my heart by visiting new places and exploring the world.  I spend my work nights wiping ass, passing pills, and watching people die for 12 hours straight, so it helps to have an adventure lined up to look forward to.  This blog is to help you plan said adventures, and help me document my own. 

I've visited 36 US states, and lived in 4 of them.  I've explored 29 National Parks, numerous state parks and forests, and 8 different countries.  I speak English and Spanish, and enough French & Italian to order a coffee and a beer and not get my ass kicked.

When I'm not traveling, I enjoy sleeping, eating, and watching TV. I also enjoy reading all kinds of books, studying physics (standard model, loop quantum gravity, etc), drinking alcohol and coffee, photography, astronomy, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.​

Feel free to email me (compliments, complaints, whatever) at or follow me on IG @shelbyz3.  I also have a beer IG @suckerforsaisons, and of course, subscribe to this blog.

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