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Your Guild to the Arizona Hot Springs

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Hey fellow kids, do you need some cool pics to post on your instagram to cover up the fact you're a lonely, depressed piece of shit who's only validation comes from the number of likes you get? Or maybe you need a new pic for your tinder so you can talk to someone for a week, get scared, ghost them and then go sleep with your ex? WELL HAVE I GOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. In the corner of Arizona near the Hoover Dam, is the Arizona Hot Springs aka The Ringbolt trail. And lemme tell you... it's dope.

One of the 3 hot spring pools

So the trail head is near the Hoover Dam, just type into your GPS "Arizona Hot Spring Trailhead" and it's the one near Willow Beach, AZ. The GPS will take you right to the parking lot next to the trail, right off route 93. There's a sign and a map there, so you'll know you're in the right place. It is a heavily trafficked trail per AllTrails, but I went in the middle of January and it wasn't too crowded. Summer is probably hella hot, so I would suggest going in spring or fall, since winter was a bit nip.

So anyway, the trail to the hot springs is about a 6 mile loop. Here's the secret though- the hot springs are in the middle and the left part of the circle is about 2 miles to the hot springs while the right side is about 4 or so. I am no athlete, and it's rocky and uphill and shit, so I didn't do the entire 6 mile loop. I did the short leg to the springs, and took the short way back. And thank God, it's a hard fuckin' hike, for real (I was also drunk on the way back soooo... probs didn't help lol).

At the top of this ladder is the hot springs - If you take the left (shorter) loop, you don't have to climb it. But it's super cool to climb down and see the waterfall.

The hike is absolutely GORGEOUS though. I enjoyed every minute of it while I wasn't dying from all the exercise. And the hot springs at the end - worth it. There are 3 large pools of water, and they are HOT. I read online they average about 111 degrees (F), so hot tub hot. There were maybe a dozen people at the hot springs chillin - no biggie, there was room for me still. Yes - bring your bathing suit, you'll want to get in. (But don't put your head under the water - a brain eating amoeba lives in the water and can swim up your nose and you'll die). I spent about 4 hours just sitting in this glorious natural Jacuzzi drinking all the beer I lugged in, and I've never been so relaxed.

I'd set aside a whole day to do this hike, and to just relax in the beautiful nature. Here's my key point summary:

- The left (shorter) side of the loop takes about 1 1/2 to hike there and maybe a bit longer to hike back (it's uphill coming back)

- Bring water, snacks, and all the beer you can carry

- Bring a bathing suit!!! and a towel, and probably a pair of flip flops (rocks and shit hurt feet)

- There's some cell service in the parking lot, but none on the trail fyi

- I'd rate this hike as moderate, the hike back is pretty brutal personally, it's all uphill and I almost died

Any questions? Feel free to email me or DM me on IG. Or just google it. Happy Hiking!

I may be smiling but I'm actively dying here - that's the rocky ass trail you see behind me

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